Yup — K.Hunt

You could have learned a lot from me
But I was shelved in a gutter
One of the things is that this festering swill-hole is literal
Be assured your fate is far worse imagined

This is what I mean

My friend Chawie said, “You can all go fuck yourselves”
He said you will anyway
I find half a sandwich, causing no grief by my discovery
Chawie didn’t want any
Neither did you

I was probably very hung over when you went to work
While you were gone I perused my vast holdings
Plucked them
Made my belly
Worked my wild odour into your bus seat

When I’m not smiling, I’m laughing
Except when you got my spit-out gum from your shiny black shoes
On the floor of your shiny black car
Then ran over shiny black Chawie on the way out of the parking lot
After a hard day

Chawie once said, “If y’r gonnan sip ‘em, y’cen macen strong”
Said, “If y’r thinkin y’r gonnan puke, y’r gonnan”

Words to live by

This has been another

One of these days – and don’t try to dissuade me – I’m gonna lash two
Maybe three shopping carts together ‘n’ come for a visit

Park everything I don’t have on your lawn